On Friday, I sat in the hospital waiting room and typed a very honest post about feeling scared and weak.


I learned a very important lesson this weekend.


I wish I could say that this was the first time I learned it, but I guess some lessons take repeating to make them stick.
(especially with this girl here)


First, an update. Mikayla is doing remarkably well. She came home Saturday morning and is already back to a normal diet and moving around quite a bit (even played a modified game of hide-and-seek last night). I’m so grateful for her health and for the lesson that came with this experience.


When I was feeling so scared and weak on Friday, it was because I was doing strength the wrong way.


I was doing it alone.


No wonder I was feeling helpless!


We had prayed with Mikayla that morning (and throughout the week preceding the surgery), but somehow I forgot to use that power of prayer to help me.


As she was coming out of anesthesia, I said a prayer of gratitude in my heart and it suddenly hit me.


I had been praying for Mikayla’s health and safety, but I hadn’t been praying for my own comfort.


It could have been a lot easier to wait if only I had remembered that I didn’t have to wait alone.


God is there whenever we need him. Our Savior has born our burdens. The Holy Ghost has the power to comfort us in the scariest times.


Or we can be afraid and alone.


It’s a choice.