I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want to “be”.

(Yes; I’m 32 years old. Still haven’t totally nailed that one down yet. #dontjudgeme #Ihavetime)

I really just want something to tell people when I meet them for the first time. And it’d be great if I could get an “Oh wow! That’s awesome!” reaction when I do.

But I’ve been stuck trying to figure out what that should be.

I love to write. Should I be a writer?
I love to sing and create music. Should I be a musician?
I love to help people heal. Should I be a surgeon? A nurse? A therapist? A coach?
I love to teach. Should I be a teacher?

As I’ve thought about these (and many, many other) options, none of them have felt quite right.

This morning, I think I figured out why.

I’ve been asking the wrong question.

The question is not “what do I want to be?”. It’s “who do I want to be?”.

As I sat here and answered that question instead, the answer flowed out of me like water. I know with 100% clarity who I want to be. I know if I center on that, then the “doing” parts will come just as freely.

What question are you stuck on?