There are plenty of things about this journey that might not work.

  • Maybe no one will find this blog.
  • Or the ones who do may think it’s stupid.
    …or cheesy.
    …or boring.
    …or poorly designed.
    …or see where I am and run the other direction because they think I’m crazy for trying.
  • People may read my experiences and think I made a wrong choice.
  • I might not feel like posting every day.
  • I may run out of things to say.
  • People might want to only hear from an “expert”


Describing what might not work is actually really helpful for me. Yes, some of these are valid concerns.

It would stink if no one came to my party.
It would be hard to put time into something and have it not be well-received.
It’s going to be challenging to post every day.
I’m definitely not an expert.

But I still want to do it!
That’s a great sign!

I can guarantee that at least 1 person will need what I have to say and part of her life will be changed by it.

I can say this with confidence because that person — even if the only person — is me.


Just by showing up, I’m growing.

By taking the risk of criticism or rejection, I’m facing one of my biggest fears and gradually changing for the better.

This blog isn’t an “expert’s advice” blog. This is an account of a journey.

It’s okay if I’m not the expert. I’m here to learn and to share what stands out to me.